I moved here from the darkness of Dead Journal.

It appears that importing anything from "the darkness" is not possible so a fresh start is in order.

I didn't write much there anyway.

Maybe that will change now.

Maybe not.

This is not what I would like to be doing on a Saturday morning of a holiday weekend but it's drizzling slightly and I await the sun.


Weather now clear and I am heading to a soccer game on the beach. I will do a proper intro another time.


4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Sweet, as long as you don’t require registration because I am good for a one registration a year and that one is already taken.

    You ” about ” puts mine to shame.

  2. John this is quite poetic. I am impressed.
    Nice and blacl to; I so love black.

    I might even link to you.
    If you delete that part about …Alice in your “About” section.

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