Just a Post

Drove home against traffic in the early morning hours, it’s going to rain all weekend at the beach so I decided to come home today instead of braving the traffic tomorrow.

Easy drive.

I start an internship at the department of zoning and planning here on Monday. It is nine to five Monday thru Friday but they mentioned that there would be a few comp days. I’m not certain what comp days means to them but I assume it means if they keep me late the hours add up and I get to take the time off. This takes away a serious amount of vacation time for me. I will be taking a week prior to going back to school and in all it means that I will be having fun only on weekends.

I have also agreed to coach my old soccer team this summer and that begins in two weeks once school is finally out. I’m a member of the nine to five and run the kids to soccer crowd now.

Grateful Dead keyboardist dies


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