Out for the Night

Work, coaching soccer, work, coaching soccer.

I can't wait for school to start in the fall.

I asked Cooper  to make me a banner so she did this one in five minutes.

It's an ok banner for five minutes now they have to approve it.

Here is the link. If you want to make a better one go to it.; she was at lunch and is not a graphic artist but Dane was busy.

I signed up for that blog explosion but I'm not sure if I will ever ue it. I looked through it today and only found two site out of thirty that I had any interest in.

My roommate from Freshman year has a blog, he sent me a link to it and said it was private; it looked quite private, and I don't understand why people write personal stuff they do not want anyone to read and then pass out the link saying "don't show it to anyone" when all the time I know he has passed this link on to at least fifty people.

Caroline, a girlfriend from my last year at Nova is coming into town to visit this weekend.

From what she says she wants to spent some time in D.C. and wants me to take her down.

Inconvenient but it will be alright. I am not partial to going downtown on a weekend but I guess it will all work out.

World Cup Fever

NPR-Joe Palca


Just got off the phone with Frank Deford. Earlier today, I pointed out that his commentary about soccer this morning was reasonably positive about the upcoming World Cup. So has he changed his mind about the game? Not at all. He finds soccer's low scores tedious, the frequency of ties stifling, the offsides rule ludicrous. Besides, he says, even though soccer players can do amazing things with their feet, it's nothing compared to the proficiency baseball players exhibit in a 6-4-3 double play. And yet he confesses to be blown away by the World Cup. He says he loves to be swept up in the passion soccer fans outside the United States feel for their national teams. The most passionate sporting moment he ever experienced in his entire career was in 1990 when he was in Cameroon. Like virtually every other living person in Cameroon, Frank watched television as Cameroon played England in the quarterfinals. Cameroon scored first, and it was as if the entire country erupted in joy. It was, says Frank, an amazing experience. Frank's not traveling to Germany for this year's World Cup. But he plans to watch from home on TV. And he even has a favorite team: Italy. But I'm pretty sure that when the World Cup's over, he'll go back to teasing soccer fans for being in love with such a boring game.


3 thoughts on “Out for the Night

  1. Like the banner, need to put the world cup soccer scores thing in the sidebar and maybe make cooper just cooper.

    Strange looking template.

  2. I’m at work, deleted the name, added your banner to the top;if it sucks let me know. I can’t really spend anytime on the network computer and the wireless here suffers greatly from interference.

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