Midnight Rider?

Being more of a soccer fan, and until now not much of an activist in the realm of feminism in general, I haven't kept up with the Duke Lacrosse rape story but Alice has and her poem, inserted at the end of her last post, inspired by searches for "Duke Lacrosse Poems” searches leading people to her site prompted is good for a midnight laugh.

Not usually mean spirited Alice has taken affront to the whole Duke story, and its implications, and not made any bones about her opinions. The poem is her attempt to lighten up while still putting a knife in the back.

Having read all her stuff on Duke I knew where she stood but if you haven't read anything of her the poem will make it clear despite its admitted immature simplistic nature and the self proclaimed and purposeful sophomoric prose.

Don't foret world cup soccer weekend. Score will be available via a link on the sidebar. 


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