Gutless Congress and US vs Italy a draw.

House Approves Measure Backing Bush's Iraq Strategy

The U.S. House of Representatives ended an acrimonious debate on Iraq and voted to adopt a symbolic statement of support for President George W. Bush's strategy and the broader war on terror. The non-binding resolution contains a statement of support for U.S. troops, says the war in Iraq is vital to the global struggle against terrorism and condemns any attempt to set a timetable for withdrawal. It passed 256-153, with 214 Republicans voting for it and 3 against. It was opposed by 149 Democrats and one independent; 42 supported it.

These people are gutless and stupid. Let's get rid of them.

Italy and US draw 1-1 after controversial match

The draw leaves the group wide open and all the teams can still qualify. Italy are top with four points ahead of Czech Republic and Ghana on three and the US at the bottom with one. Italy and the United States slugged out a bruising 1-1 draw in the most controversial match of the World Cup so far in which three players were sent off in their Group E clash on Saturday.


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