Soccer , Democrats and Darfur.

Rodriguez rocket propels Argentina to face Germany

With every game, we learn something new about this Argentina tidal wave. They have already demonstrated their mellifluous football, their depth of talent, their greed for goals. But in foiling Mexico's outstanding efforts, they showed they have other qualities necessary for winning football: patience and unyielding temperament. How appropriate that a game of such tightly balanced tactics, such closely competed spaces, should be decided by a bolt out of the blue. Maxi Rodriguez, one of the Argentina sorcerers who had suffered and struggled for a platform to express themselves, propelled his side ever onwards.

Weather here sucks and the electricity will probably go off soon.

Is Helen Thomas a Lapdog?

No, Helen Thomas is right.

Democrats have needed a new script since I was born.

Wake me up when they get one.

Cooper on Darfur. – Maybe a health and nutrtion treaty posted at BC and Darfur an Unforgivable Hell on Earth.


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