Soccer versus Racism

French team’s rainbow connection

Can the rise again of Zinedine Zidane and his multicultural French team illuminate a fresh path towards unity for their racially divided nation? Michael Lynch reports from Berlin.

I spent a couple months in France when I was younger and me thinks the U.S. has nothing over those Europeans when it comes to racism.

The French seemed acutley divided not only racially but socially and economically with more acute lines drawn in every direction.

I’d love to see this game.

World class racism

It’s almost an understatement to say racism has grown taboo in the United States. In fact, one might even venture to say that our nation is making significant strides to move beyond it. Our sports leagues are no different. Making even the slightest insinuation about a black athlete’s natural abilities usually results in instant career suicide for a coach or announcer.

I beg to differ slightly with the “great strides: theory which is nothing more than a fallacy used to unsee the truth. Read the rest. Furbol weekend here – open house- come one come all. Soccer lovers only.


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