Sleep alone and run around outside a lot.

The good news for those not sharing a bed with a partner regularly is that Sharing bed with women makes men dull.

Good news for kids: Doctors advise more play

This has always been a pet peeve of mine. Get out of the house and do something at least for a ocuple of hours a day, something physical. It is much easier to study after having spent a couple hours outside kicking around a ball or jumping on a trampoline. ( with spotters)

Other news: The soccer team I coach is doing well with two losses and eight wins. One more week and then play-offs.

 One the other hand the soccer team I play for is five and five which I think has to do with all the beer the goalie drinks in his off time.

I have to fly up to Rhode Island this week to take care of some things for school and I am going to take off to the coast of Maine for the rest of the week.

  If I don’t post that is why.

Check out cooper’s post on the dreadlocks and cultural appropriation.


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