Making money with the end of times.

Cooper did a book meme and added it as a page.

She called it an “evolving book meme”; good idea and I’ll bite after a time.

In other news:

The end of times is selling fast.

CNN doing a whole series on it and it is becoming the darling of media topic.

One thing I never understood was how the powers that be were going to “rapture” the good people………the believers.

I assume the good people die and go to heaven and are reborn after the apocalypse to enjoy the thousand years of peace.

I was brought up Catholic, home schooled until high school within a Catholic group of home schooler’s which organized out of our local Catholic church. I have countless Catholic priests and deacons in my family. I am agnostic but am thankful that the Catholic Church does teach the end times as if a fairy tale.

They don’t even pretend to know what the fuck will happen, unlike their evangelical counterparts who seem pretty certain what will happen and who will go where.

End Times talk is good for some people’s pocketbooks.

The return of Armageddon

Lobbying for Armageddon.

Are These the End Times.

The Rature Trap: A Catholic View.

For sure ” The Raputure ” will be covered by all major media outlets so stay tuned andbe prepared just in case.

This is my rapture.


2 thoughts on “Making money with the end of times.

  1. I love that song used to love Blondie and you are brown nosing….

    I’ve seen some of that Rapture coverage and it is freaky….science fiction always sells.

  2. What? You don’t believe in the bible according to Tim LaHaye? Evildoer!!! You shall be left here to battle Mel Gibson in a post apocalyptical world, while mutant lizards capture (and somehow tie up) but never eat the fake-boobed blonde in the loincloth and elaborate makeup!

    Then again, the whole thing could have been made up to give Kurt Cameron a fresh start in acting.

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