Lunch Break

The soccer season is finished for me as a player and as a coach.

My “man team” ended up second in our league and the team I was entrusted to coach ended up first in their league. I swear this is because all the kids there wanted to be there and were not pushed by their parents in addition to the fact that we played around a lot, told jokes, and had grass fights.

There is a time for discipline, and it isn’t always in a younger age group in the dead of summer.

Dylan plays here this weekend.

I’m on a lunch break so I have to run.



2 thoughts on “Lunch Break

  1. Discipline should always start with kids. I mean how will kids be able to cope with what is going to happen to them when they reach adult life. That’s why in Pre-school we introduce discipline in manner of games, songs , and dances.

  2. I was speaking of the game of soccer where trying to push young children into stardom when what they really need to do is just play is a major fault with the parents
    of the day.

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