Same old stuff – weak levee’s weak country…….Venus gone?

Engineers: Levees might not hold in another big storm this year

The Greatest Contry in the world my ass.

Bush has fallen short in steering recovery, experts say

Venus Williams Pulls Out of U.S. Open

The siblings’ ascension to the top of the sport was a factor in the U.S. Open’s decision to move the women’s singles final into prime time for the first time in 2001. Venus beat Serena that year for the championship, and nearly 23 million viewers tuned in, giving the final the largest TV audience of any program that night, including a college football game between Notre Dame and Nebraska.

I love women’s tennis and thanks to the Williams sisters is it now telecast live at a time of day when I can watch it. I hope Venus comes back strong eventually but if she doesn’t and decides to rest on her laurels and go make millions off her advertising I don’t blame her. She, along with her sister, but first and foremost Venus, ( and Billy Jean whose run was before my time along with Martina whose run was also before my time), was the start of the women getting tough putting it all out there. I love women’s tennis.


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