Changes at Digg.

I’m not much of a blogger, I don’t have time to go to the bathroom now that school is in session never mind blog.

I read them as often as I can because it is fun, addictive and is fast becoming “the way”.

This Monkey Bite post caught my eye, Changes at Digg Increase Diversity, me because I have long thought that those who got here first formed a tight bond, and as far as they are concerned “they are it”. Talk about entitlement.
Digg agrees.

It’s a big blog world, and there are a lot of choices. No one wants to go the way of the Federal government, where those in power are always in power.

James Blake just lost his match to Federer, he took a game for the first time though and the tiebreak first set was tight, looked damn good; he has had such tragedy over the least two years it’s nice to see him looking so fine.

I love it when high school girlfriends talk about orgasms this way.


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