Directly from Slate

Directly from Slate because there is nothing else worth reading.

Idiotoc Research.

Women dress more attractively when they’re ovulating. Thirty college students were photographed and urine-tested twice during a month. Without their knowledge, the tests were used to determine on which days they were ovulating, and the photos, with faces hidden, were used by 42 male and female judges to decide, “In what photo is the person trying to look more attractive?” Without knowing which was which, the judges picked outfits worn on ovulating days over those worn on non-ovulating days 60 percent of the time. In previous studies, women flirted more often while ovulating. Researchers’ spin: Your clothes say you can tell when women are ovulating. Skeptics’ view: Two-and-a-half million unintended U.S. pregnancies a year say you can’t. (For Human Nature’s take on preventing ovulation after sex, click here.)

I’m now contributing to Darfur: An Unforgivable Hell on Earth Blog.

Check out commentary on suppress-white-vote

And the The Nobel Prize in Literature 2006 goes to….

And why the hell is Atrios still on blogger?

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