Stand tall

Stand stuff at Darfur and Unforgivable Hell on Earth.

Cooper awakens us to the elections and points me to an Erase racism carnival at Taking Place

An add on just in case this turns out to be well founded.

Cell Phones and Sperm

Here’s why I’m not worried about a recent report that cell phone use has been associated with low sperm count in men. A) I am a woman. B) I just spent a half hour on the phone with the first author of the report and he’s been fielding calls non-stop for the past two days on, you guessed it, a cell phone.

ha ha , very funny.

It’s premature, like they said it may be the correlation is sitting on your ass all day, but it’s worth close scrutiny for anyone planning to procreate.

I’m out, this weekend is going to be miserable.


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