Freddy bids Adieu to D.C. United

D.C. United trades Adu and Rimando to Real Salt Lake for major allocation, Nolly and future considerations via D.C.United media relations.

What happened here? Freddy was their goldenboy.


D.C. United trade Adu to Real Salt Lake

Adu was the youngest player in MLS history back in 2004, when chosen first in the draft by DC United. I remember all the fanfare. Maybe they expected too much of him, maybe he was just too young, but his play was erratic at times although if you ever saw him play you would know he was not only good but great, at least the potential was there.

Adu is also one of the highest paid soccer player in the MSL at age seventeen, he wasn’t satisfied with his position or the fact that he often plays off the bench among just a few of the reasons the often temper tantrum throwing Adu is off to UTAH.

I hope he will be happier in Utah playing for his old US-17 and under coach John Ellinger/Real Salt Lake City.

Freddy was already a star when he was picked in 2004 by United as the youngest player ever in MLS history. I remember all the publicity, the interviews. It took his some time to get acclimated and he was not satisfied with his position, or that he often played off the bench.

He won’t play off the bench in Utah and they hope to keep him for several years. We’ll have to see what happens next summer when Adu turns eighteen and becomes eligible to transfer to a team in Europe. Adu has wants to play in Europe and probably will it’s only a matter of when.


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