I love women with sticks.

Gotta love it. I returned just in time.

Not much I can say about Beckham

” That has duly happened. Iraq may be going to hell in a handcart, but the American advent of Beckham was front-page news in every newspaper, and a top item on every TV news bulletin yesterday – “Summer 2007. Beckham comes to America. Be a part of history”, trumpeted a full-page advertisement in The New York Times. The message has been unmistakeable. The most famous sports star on the planet had found his rightful place at last, in the biggest, richest and most powerful country on the planet.”

I love this game,  but soccer just doesn’t play over here like it does in Europe and I’m not sure it ever will. Women love him, men admire him money followed him over here, now the wait.

To keep up on news of Darfur go here, and Cooper posted about blog for choice day, I might have to take her up on the offer.

That’s it until I get Joe back to BC, and purchase the rest of my books.


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