Fast soccer notes.

I was reading an interesting post at Guardian Unlimited about soccer, or football as the rest of the world calls it.

All American sports want to be soccer – they just don’t know it yet

A couple of the comments are indicative of what we look like to the rest of the world and I think this applies not just to soccer.

“Americans are too busy living out their lives on planet America to be bothered with the silly sports played on planet Earth with hardlty any scores or anything.
Leave em off “

“They want to Americanize everything because they are to lazy to adapt to the rest of the world. They want the rest of the world to adapt to them.”

“Football doesnt need America. In fact I would much rather prefer they left the game alone and didnt bring an already increasing sense of commercialism to the game. The subtelty of the game and the loyalty of the fans will be something that America would never be able to comprehend and rather than try to would just destroy. The fact that you can’t even call it football in your article is proof of this superiority which appears to be common within so much of American society.”

“The trouble with American sports is they are like many (though by no means all) American companies and TV shows and americans themselves. I.e. boring, long winded, shallow, far too many rules, an obsession with statistics, expensive to play etc. etc. What is it with March Madness for college basketball? It’s four weeks of wall to wall basketball on TV. The games are so obviously contrived and artificial so as to appear more complex than they actually are. And why do they always put the away team first in the schedules? I think it’s just to show they are different from everybody else. It’s like what they do with the date – put it the wrong way round. And light swithches. And paper size, why not use A4 like the rest of the world. And they still use imperial measurements.”

Quick amusing read.

Cooper has a fast read up on the Obama campaign’s fundraising and Darfur is still an unforgivable hell on earth.

The end is near, I will be busy.


4 thoughts on “Fast soccer notes.

  1. I’ve been a soccer fan since I saw Pele play for the Cosmos at the Meadowlands. I admit I’m not the average male sports fan, but soccer IS growing in popularity here. I think that the powers to be are slowly letting soccer be soccer here in the States.

    The clocks now count up – not down. Its an amazingly trivial concept, but MLS clocks do now count down. Plus added time is, well, added. There are other things to mention, but there is a base of support for the sport here. I think that many fans rebelled agains the “Amerianization” of the sport.

    Plus, the US is actually producing some decent players. Last I checked, Fullham sported an all-US lineup. Okay, I kid.

    Someday, the US is going to start producing center mids and strikers. Then world, watch out!

    Until then, I have t0 be satisfied with keepers and defenders.


  2. I really really do not understand why the majority of Americans do not like or watch football. I was lucky to have an American neighbour who loved the game, especially during last year’s World Cup but he admitted he was a rarity.
    On the other hand, if it was cricket you were talking about, I would fully understand!

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