Monday measures

Pat Tillman’s Brother Denounces Military Lies

Good for them.

Ohio congressman postpones move to impeach Cheney

I wish the VP well. It’s time for them all to go.

As cooper reminded me, before she proclaimed her love of the garden we have to look for the media actually giving the death toll in Iraq with anything but a passing nod.


After the Women’s Soccer Initiative, Inc.’s initial announcement in February of the return of professional women’s soccer to the United States in 2008, WSII CEO Tonya Antonucci released this past week the completion of the proposed eight-team format with the addition of teams in Boston and New York/New Jersey. Two of the eight teams already have connections with the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL) while the lead persona herself has spent her share of time in what is currently considered one of the top women’s soccer leagues in the world.


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