Beckham a disaster for soccer?

Beckham a disaster for the sport of Soccer??

According to Zac Bissonnette, over at Blogging Stocks in Beckham sets ESPN record for MLS game, that could be the case.

Beckham’s star studded premiere in the exhibition match was the highest-rated ESPN broadcast of the MLS in history,.

The pretense is that by trying to appeal to a broader audience they may loose the real soccer fans. The fans who do not care about his starlet socialite former Spice Girl wife, or his perfume cologne line.

Despite the few die-hards who might take offense – at a man they call an aging metro-sexual – I don’t think anything can hurt the game of soccer in the United States. it’s all uphill from here.

Check out the news on the Darfur blog.

Have a good weekend.


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