The Impending Return.

I return this weekend from what might seem like a long vacation, but was partially a working vacation.

 Cooper has a really good post up  ( Should be Famous ) about the rights of bloggers to delete comments, the lax media, and what bloggers can do.

Specifically she points to the case of the Jena Six, and is encouraging activism of  bloggers to change the media coverage of such as Lohan to cases such as this.

The case shows us a travesty,  and shows us that racism is still alive,  well and kicking hard in the good old USA.

Bloggers may be good for nothing, or they may be good for making people who should be famous into well known figures.

I think she has a point.

She has a list of places to get information on the Jena Six. or you can go to “Democracy Now” the link posted above.

 Don’t forget Darfur is an Unforgivable Hell on Earth.

Go, Go.


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