Monday quicks

From TPM:

Michael Mukasey is it, the president’s pick for attorney general to be announced as soon as today.

What do we know about the guy? Relatively little, it’s apparent from the morning papers.

His relevant experience is comprised four years as an assistant U.S. attorney and 19 years on the federal bench after being appointed by Ronald Reagan. Of all that time, the most telling decision for liberals and conservatives alike is his ruling in the Jose Padilla case, where he found that the U.S. could detain Padilla indefinitely without charges (eventually reversed on appeal), but that he should be able to meet with his attorneys. Mukasey is, in other words, conservative — but independent-minded. And the first indications are that Democrats are likely to determine that they can live with him. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) remains an enthusiastic supporter.


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