Pre Weekend Jitters

A rematch of the 1986 World Cup quarter-final between England and Argentina scheduled for next week has been postponed because organizers were worried that a strike by postal workers would affect ticket sales

WaPo on Burma’s Bloody Silence

The United States and Europe say they want to engage China on the issue, but it remains to be seen whether the West is willing to provoke a serious fight with Beijing. China could be offered a choice between ending its defense of the regime on the Security Council and spoiling its own intended debut as an emerging superpower at the 2008 Olympics. That would be appropriate enough: After all, shouldn’t the world reject a would-be superpower that insists on shielding the world’s most criminal regimes from U.N. sanction? In the absence of such an initiative, the United States, Britain and other governments that claim to care deeply about Burma will be reduced to listening to reports from Mr. Gambari.

I only wish someone would make it a hard chioice for China. So far that has not happened with Burma, no surprise because it has not happened in The Sudan either.


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