Solar Power – again.

Report Urges U.S. to Pursue Space-Based Solar Power

Space-based solar power, according to the report, has the potential to help the United State s stave off climate change and avoid future conflicts over oil by harnessing the sun’s power to provide an essentially inexhaustible supply of clean energy.

The biggest problem is money. How much it costs and who will be willing to pay for it. That’s always been the issue hasn’t it?
No one wants to save the environment if it costs them too much money.

NASA first studied space-based solar power in the 1970s, concluding then that the concept was technically feasible but not economically viable. Cost estimates produced at the time estimated the United State s would have to spend $300 billion to $1 trillion to deliver the first kilowatt hour of space-based power to the ground, said John Mankins, a former NASA technologist who led the agency’s space-based solar power research and now consults and runs he Space Power Association.

If we weren’t in Iraq, practicing corporate fascism we might have been able to pay for this. Ironic that the war is partly responsible for this new rethink.


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