Fun a Must when Planning Your City.

Planning your city around technology, some interactivity, and fun is the way to go.

The South by Southwest music, film and interactive festivals and conferences pumped approximately $95 million into the Austin economy in 2007, according to a new economic impact report commissioned by SXSW.

Mayor Will Wynn introduced the report, prepared by the consulting firm Angelou Economics, at a news conference in front of City Hall on Tuesday. City Council Members Betty Dunkerley and Mike Martinez and SXSW executive planner Mike Shea also attended.

“Cities that are fun are going to do better economically,” Wynn said, highlighting SXSW’s blend of trade show, professional conclave and entertainment provider.

New study says SXSW worth $95 million to Austin:
Impact is double the previous impact estimate by visitors bureau

I’ll be at SXSW with my girlfriend for the duration. I’ve been to Austin and it’s a pretty cool city. I am looking at a planning internship there for the summer prior to Grad School, so we thought we’d take it in for the hell of it.


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