Reading the Map Correctly

Pennsylvania’s April 22 primary stands as the next big battleground in the Democratic presidential race and Barack Obama has no good options. He can stand and fight, and probably lose, or try to downplay the contest, and lose by an even bigger margin. In terms of demographics, Pennsylvania is Ohio squared. Everything that worked for Hillary Clinton in Ohio is there in Pennsylvania in greater numbers. The Post ran a chart in Thursday’s editions comparing the Democratic electorates in the two states. Obama’s campaign should tape it on every office wall in their North Michigan Avenue headquarters in Chicago as a reminder of the steep hill they have to climb.

For Obama, an Uphill Battle in Pennsylvania

He is now the “nothing to lose candidate”. He will have to step it up.

Pennsylvania doesn’t like to be called he uneducated state. Pennsylvania will take their job seriously.

The democrats in Pennsylvania have to think hard and long about how badly they want to win The White House. They will not win it with Hilary Clinton. I’ve never been so certain of anything in short my life.

The Dems have a map in front of them but they can’t read it.

Flying out tonight – see ya later.


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