Can Flying Be Any Less Safe.

I fly a lot. More often than not domestic, but soon to Dubai and Switzerland. I want my air travel to be safe.

At the end of a March article Why U.S. Airlines Can’t Compete: America has a high-tech economy, but its carriers are weighed down by old planes and stifling rules.

I know free trade has pissed off a lot of people here, but when it comes to airlines I don’t care if they can compete with global markets. The liberalization of transatlantic travel should theoretically encourage U.S. Airlines to update their planes, as the cited post points out Flying in America feels more and more like riding an aging bus at 35,000 feet.

One can only hope the recent events regarding Southwest and American will encourage the FAA to start doing their job as well.

Posted as a soon to be frequent traveler living in the country of rickety aircraft.


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