Giving to Our Veterans

If you’re thinking of giving to a cause for Veterans, on this the weekend we remember those who have served and fallen, do some research.

There are several good charities for veterans, but the best thing you can do is give locally.

Over the last several years both Charity Navigator
(Veterans charity falls short in giving back), (Supporting America’s Heroes- How to Select a Police, Firefighters or Veterans Charity), and the American Institute of Philanthropy ((Our Veterans Deserve Better from America’s Charities)) took some vet charities to task for their practices. The Washington Post did a story on this last December as well. Study Faults Charities for Veterans

Where to find the good ones like Fisher House?

You can check the ratings at Charity Navigator or American Institute of Philanthropy. Read the guidelines, or like stated, give locally.

It’s bad enough our government screws them, we can at least make sure our donations are used to help them, and not the the administration of the charity, or worse the solicitor for the charity.

American Veterans Relief Foundation, and American Ex-Prisoners of War Service Foundation out.
Fisher House Foundation and Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund in.

Be aware: Chartering by Congress does not mean oversight.

Give Locally.


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