In Case You Missed it

A good article in the Philly Inquirer The American car culture is running out of gas, about how a lack of Plan B has done irreparable damage to us both environmentally and economically.

And Sweden, always innovative has turned sewage into a gasoline substitute.

A FordonsGas filling station. The company operates the largest chain of biogas stations in Scandinavia. (Nils-Olof Sjoden/FordonsGas)

Sweden turning sewage into a gasoline substitute


One thought on “In Case You Missed it

  1. I live in Florida and high gas prices seems to be everyone’s ticket to justifying raising prices.
    I find myself turning down the air conditioner, following the kids around the house and turning off unused electrical items. I even consider what I buy at the market based on needs not wants any more – a bag of chips mostly full of air has gone up in price by a dollar…..
    I even search the web for any freebies based on gas giveaways. Like the site I found on – $500 dollar gas card give away …
    Things are getting tight I’ll try anything…

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