Huge Vehicles, Cheaper Gas, and Great Cities

If you need to drive a beast at least you can pretend you’re not paying high prices for gas.

Chrysler is gonna pay for your gas, sort of.

Let’s Refuel America

That will help about as much as drilling off the coast of Florida.

The speed at which light rail lines, either new or added lines to existing ones, are being proposed is amazing. It’s too bad someone did not have the forethought to act years ago. Houston is adding lines, Atlanta wants to start a line, D.C. is considering adding lines as well, even though they take poor care of the lines they already have.

And here again, another best city list.

Urban Manifesto: Factors that make a city great

Theworlds most livable city in this case turns out to be Munich.



One thought on “Huge Vehicles, Cheaper Gas, and Great Cities

  1. Not one American city on the list … not surprising at all.

    Dallas is tripling it’s light rail system by 2012 … unfortunately, Houston is just getting started with light rail. They invested all their money in the 90s on expanding freeways.

    Nice blog. (Go, Obama!)

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