McCain not exactly the truth, and More on Walking.

Follow-up on dishonesty the Washington Post declares McCain’s Charge Against Obama Lacks Evidence. No surprise because much coming out of his campaign lacks substance of any kind.

Following up on the Google walking map post, a new University of Utah study suggests older pedestrian friendly neighborhoods are healthier.

The researchers found that adding 10 years to the age of a neighborhood decreased obesity risk by 8 percent for women and 13 percent for men.

This is not at all surprising. In Cities such as New York where people are much more likely to walk some distance daily, you don’t see a lot of obesity. In rural areas of the country where you are less likely to have set paths, or see your neighbors as you walk – people walk much less often.

The study had it’s limitations but it was good enough to get a $400,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to further probe the link between obesity and neighborhood.

The key is clearly walking, and could be unrelated to neighborhood at all, due solely to education, and lifestyle choices. Worth looking into and considering when purchasing a home.

I grew up on a rural road, the closest house was ten or so acres away and the closet town was 5 miles. I remember my mother, who used to go to the park to walk a few times of week, telling my father if they ever moved it would be to a place with sidewalks and paths close to home, so she could walk all day. She is an educated, health conscious women, taking care of herself anyway, but living in an environment conducive to walking she was convinced would make it more fun and increase her walking time.

Let’s think about it.

Check your walking score here.


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