Olympics, Lies and Google Cache

I don’t care, it’s not a surprise, but it does make China look a less honorable, especially after the anthem debacle. Not that they ever were honorable with their human rights record and efforts to suppress the individual.

Honorable Chinese?

You tell me. Click on picture for larger view.

This is from a cached page dated November of 2007 which clearly shows the girl’s age to be 13 at the time.

The rough translation

   The Chinese athletics sports progresses unceasingly, the reserve talented person emerges one after another incessantly. At the sixth national City Game, star of the tomorrow will be blooming, waited for that they will be greatly higher stages.   He Ke joyful (gymnastics)   13 year-old Wuhan contestant He Ke in the female uneven bars competition’s match is national sports team’s Yang Yi Lin joyful. Under the main floor audience’s support, this girl has completed “Li splendidly in the finals the somersault” the complete set movement, won narrowly already obtained high score international championship third place Yang Yi Lin, put together the champion. National women’s team head coach Lu Shanzhen also applauded for her. (material picture)   Xinhua News Agency Reporter Cheng Min absorbs �

Original Source (China Digital Times)

I don’t know. You tell me.


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