Tactic is Everything

Cooper has a post up on her view of Palin’s speech. She posted thoughts on Palin last weekend at blogher , This Round to McCain, about her initial thoughts on Palin, and what is going on surrounding this choice and the Dems reaction to it, it hit the nail on the head regarding the Democrats inability too see their failing tactics.

That stuff works when you are trying to get a radical base of neo-cons, if your base is conservative, it doesn’t work when you’re trying to entice women, blue collar workers, or those who are of faith. A thousand others too, but need I go on?

This post at Pharyngula, This is How We Will Lose, says it well. I was glad to see more people have the same concerns. Here’s to hoping this concern spreads and the Democrats get their act together. It’s not enough to be right.

Tactics is everything.

This is part of the post at Pharyngyla, read the rest of This Is How We Will Lose here.

Palin scares me, but what worries me more is that we will screw up again and hand the executive office over to another gang of losers, and we can’t afford that anymore. Now look at the open thread I set up last night, and you’ll see why I’m concerned. What did people do? They got distracted by irrelevancies, such as the opportunity to exercise a little macho sexism, and then that turned into a nasty, full-blown knife fight with everyone snarling at each other. This is exactly what the Republicans want, writ small on this little tiny island of the blogosphere.

That’s not how we’re going to beat back the troglodytes.


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