Mid Week Tabs

The lobbying firm of Rick Davis, Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) campaign manager, remains on the payroll of mortgage giant Freddie Mac, according to two sources with knowledge of the arrangement.

The firm, Davis Manafort, has collected $15,000 a month from the organization since late 2005, when Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae dissolved a five-year-old advocacy group that Davis earned nearly $2 million leading, the sources said.

More at Roll Call

From the Bright Green Blog at CSM a list of the most sustainable cities.

1) Portland, Ore.
2) San Francisco
3) Seattle
4) Chicago
5) New York
6) Boston
7) Minneapolis
8) Philadelphia
9) Oakland, Calif.
10) Baltimore


40) Nashville, Tenn.
41) Arlington, Texas
42) Long Beach, Calif.
43) Colorado Springs, Colo.
44) Indianapolis
45) Virginia Beach, Va.
46) Memphis, Tenn.
47) Las Vegas
48) Tulsa, Okla.
49) Oklahoma City
50) Mesa, Ariz.

Check out the blog where you’ll see some correlation between sustainability and money. In other words. it takes green backs to live green.


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