Virginia’s 5th Congressional District

Watching the race for the 5th Congressional district in Virginia where Tom Perriello was stil ahead but 600 something votes as of yesterday. If he wins this is one of the largest upsets of the election.

According to Slate (Goode Riddance: A Darfur-supporting, time-tithing, self-deprecating newcomer becomes Virginia’s big electoral surprise) Perriello is, a graduate of Yale College and Yale Law School, Perriello worked to end atrocities in Liberia as well as with child soldiers, amputees, and local pro-democracy groups in Sierra Leone. He became special adviser for the international prosecutor during the showdown that forced Liberian dictator Charles Taylor from power. His work as a security analyst has taken him to Afghanistan and Darfur. Perriello has also been a part of a groundswell of young progressives whose religious faith motivates them to seek social change through public service. One of the most startling aspects of his 2008 campaign was his pledge to tithe 10 percent of his campaign volunteers’ time to local charities. Time they could have spent stuffing mailers and phone-banking went to building houses for the poor.

It’s be nice to see the nation slipping in to a more progressive mode where community service and humanitarian causes take precedent.


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