Protecting An Image, Denying A Search Engine

“Due to a court order requested by private parties, we find ourselves obliged to temporarily suspend all or some of the results related to this search.”

Diego Maradona one of many public figures in Argentina to have secured a court order restraining the Argentine versions of Google and Yahoo from serving up search results on their names.

What worries the search engines is that the ruling’s legal principle effectively holds them responsible for the content of web sites turned up in their searches.

Can a Soccer Star Block Google Searches?

[Attorney] Leguizamon argues that the search engines do not discriminate between links to appropriate material and links to pornographic sites that use the images of some of the models he represents. Maradona claims to have seen images of himself on porn sites linked to by Google.

Maradona Becomes a Public Face for Google Censorship

This could have far reaching consequences should it hold up. There is something to be said for not wanting to see lies, or photo shopped pictures of yourself on porn or in other ways offensive sites but if a soccer star can remove his name from search engines in Argentina the rest of the country could be removed on request as well, the next thing you know there will be no search engine.

Bad move.


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