Water and Football

Urban Sprout brings us dirty dealings and dirty water a post about the axe about to fall on a leading water researcher, Dr Anthony Turton, for lifting the lid on what is really going on in South Africa.

According to Urban Sprout

His keynote address, A Clean South Africa, was to be presented at the CSIR’s “Science Real and Relevant” conference in Pretoria this week, but he was forbidden from delivering it because it contained “unsubstantiated” facts, according to the executive, as well as photographs of this year’s xenophobic attacks, which, the executive added, “may disturb people” however Dr Turton’s report had already undergone a peer review process and was extensively circulated before the conference. Dr Turton has been prevented from even entering the CSIR campus grounds since Friday.

The Full report can be found here in pdf.

You can find a link to a petition against Dr. Turton’s suspension at the Urban Sprout link.

BC beat Maryland and clinched the ACC title, making Joe happy. It’s cold up there. I’m glad to be home, but enough of this rain already.


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