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Market Populism vs. Grassroots Populism – Which Side Are You On?

Check out this crazy ass demonstration of what these people really care about. The wall street banker class calling the average American, the ones who are in the process of losing their homes or have lost their home, losers. It’s all the fault of the American people.

the traders bray and cheer as Santelli calls for the streets to run green with the equity of the working class is an astonishing insight in the psychology of the crisis.

Revolt of the Traders

I know I am only supposed to be interested in urban planning and soccer, but this is worth a look.


6 thoughts on “Check this Out

  1. your premise is faulty.

    you claim that santelli really means all of the american people when he says losers. but that’s NOT what he said.

    claiming everyone is in the same boat is not a true statement.

    “the average American, the ones who are in the process of losing their homes or have lost their home,”

    what about the person who has not lost their home, who might buy a new home when the price falls, or all the other various situations…are they not an average american?

  2. There really isn’t a premise, the man lives in another world and it’s a good idea that people understand how these people ( he is representative of them) look at those they screwed, those whose tax money bailed them out.

    The point is they live in a self made fantasy world. The point is they should let them all fail, take our money back and start new strictly regulated banks.

  3. fantasy world? the stock market is very real.
    is santelli bankrupt? i don’t know, and get the impression he is quite successful. and besides, he is asking for the same justice you ask for. he is not asking for money.

  4. btw, the banking/financial industry is one of the most regulated industries on america.

    go figure.

    it’s the laws that already exist that mess up the market,

    specifically fractional reserve banking (read: biggest ponzi scheme ever). that’s where so much of the artificial (fantasy) credit came from in the first place.

  5. No, they took everyone’s money and then some.
    Morally bankrupt is the word.

    I am not asking for money, I have my own money, but WS is asking for it. I’d just as soon they all went under. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few of those guys jumping off buildings, and it wouldn’t be because they lost their money, it’d be because they are heading for prison.

  6. Again, you are lumping everyone together.

    Sure, there is a criminal and sleazy element to “Wall Street”, but the fact is that the money handed to them was a gift from the US government. The Federal Government is the institution that did take the money, both through taxation and inflation.

    You shouldn’t throw people in jail unless they have committed a crime. By lumping everyone together you are essentially saying a lot of people should go to jail, including Santelli. What crime did he commit?

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