This home schooled kid is confusing his terms and appears to be parroting either the nightly cable talk shows or his parents.
He may brilliant — some day, but this stamps it. The Republicans are truly desperate.

I can’t stop looking at all the unintentionally comedic videos of this conference.


2 thoughts on “Desperation

  1. jealous much? oh, that this were a 13 year old bemoaning the plight of global warming…that child would be, i can only imagine, viewed as insightful and full of deep passion towards the tragedy befalling mother earth. here we have a youngster talking lucidly about something in which he apparently believes, yet he’s being belittled as a poster-child for the desperation of the right. would you challenge me to bring to the fore videos of children his age pleading the case against, say, global warming?

  2. John, I thought the same thing. He sounded like he plagiarized a libertarian handbook actually. It is really not that hard to memorize that stuff.

    The child is very smart obviously, it is the Republican party who is being made fun of and rightly so. The derided ]Tucker Carlson, one of their ideological kin, when he suggested they need to get themselves some real news journalist -those who seek and report truthfully and accurately. Bill Bennett had it right as well. They have some smart adults the fact they had a kid who though smart is parroting is sad.

    But John as you were home-schooled, extremely bright and offered huge merit scholarships to 4 top tier uni’s you understand that right.

    I should comment here more, but you know how it goes.

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