Wednesday Woes

Jon Stewart Rips the Notorious AIG
I wasn’t upset until I found out that AIG, in the past has felt no need to legally bind themselves to contractual bonuses. They just fired them.


“The awkward detail of the day?” From Rachael Maddow, these retention bonuses – “Eleven of the people who got more than $1 million of your money as a retention bonus payment from AIG—don‘t work there anymore. Retention bonus?”

Storming the Bastille sounds better every day.

I forgot about Saint Patrick’s Day, so shoot me.
I know the Madoff thing is huge, and a lot of people lost money, not just the super rich, but most were very comfortable, from what I can tell. Funny how quickly things get taken care of when most of the people ripped off are already well known or of some kind of fame. Justice always come faster for the haves than the have nots.


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