Talking to the Police, Good or Bad?

Pointed out somewhere else was that the cop when he speaks never mentions his job as the right to protect the innocent, just that it’s his job to put people in jail.

It’s a long video.


One thought on “Talking to the Police, Good or Bad?

  1. Very interesting video and with this in mind there ARE innocent sentence to life in prison.
    How can that be I wonder, its hard for me to understand how with no recording, no confession, no sighned statement,no witnesses being heard in front of a jury, no evidence, how one officer can make or brake somebody.
    And how a D.A. can say “I have no case lady’s and gentleman all I do have is a confession”
    And this confession is from a officer saying he did.
    This is really scary and innocent people ARE being sent to prison.
    So you Are guilty until proven innocent and not innocent until proven guilty.

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