Gotta Get Mad As Hell

Cooper wrote a post about a group of physicians “mad as hell”. They are traveling across country to try to meet with Obama, again, and get their voices heard. Check out the site. They left yesterday and may be stopping near you.


They have a site up and running here at Mad As Hell.

These guys tell it like it is.

There’s no nice way to say it. The financial cost of health care is killing our citizens, hobbling our economy, crushing small business, and threatening the solvency of our government. In the meantime, the Health Care Industry is spending almost two million dollars a day lobbying Congress and manipulating public opinion to accept “reform” legislation that leaves a vicious, for-profit system intact. The “public option” is a trap. We need real reform that finds immediate savings, controls costs, and accomplishes the moral imperative of true Universal Access. A Single Payer plan is the only real path to a Health Care System that is socially, ethically and fiscally responsible. And yet, our elected officials refuse to even discuss the possibility of a Single Payer plan!
If that doesn’t make you mad, we recommend checking your puls

Then you have these guys, the Republican AAPS, who want very much to prevent things like public option, set rates for services, and so on. In addition they support privatizing medicare.

First comes privatization of medicare, then education. The same way they privatized some prison systems, and made a financial killing for a few corporations. This is a Republicans wet dream people.

Right-wing group sponsoring Republican doctors rally supports privatizing Medicare.

Go Here.


All of the Mad As Hell Doctors are available for radio and television appearances.
Media Contact Fiori Coppoletti
Media Requests Only Please!!

For any other questions please contact:


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