The Warning

Frontline The Warning

Frontline: The Warning

Even if you think you already know. Watch this.

A great comment from the frontline site

I hate to be the lone ranger uncovering the 800 ton pink elephant in the room but c’mon folks.There is no such thing as a Democratic or Republican party! There is, in fact, the Government, aligned with special interest. We the people(sound familiar to anyone) need to take a stand. How much longer can we continue to place the future of our great country and our most precious commodity, our children, in the hands of these greed mongers who push and pull using divisive politics and contrite salesmanship to railroad us into more debt, another depression, and unethical business practices. How do we raise our children like this?!! We must unite folks under a Citizens Union for the Rights of the People. All people. Action is going to speak louder than words, I propose a peaceful revolt or satyagraha as Ghandi put it, in order to have true change in this country

Jason Bankston Oct 21, 2009 11:10


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