Ready Or Not

JOHANNESBURG—South Africa should expect about 110,000 fewer visitors for the World Cup than initially expected, a consulting firm said Wednesday, largely due to the poor distribution and high prices of soccer-match tickets in African countries.

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South Africa Should Expect Fewer World Cup Visitors

“We expected a lot more people,” said Gillian Saunders of Grant Thornton, the accounting and consulting concern that put together a range of economic projections related to this year’s World Cup in South Africa. “I think there was a failure of distribution in Africa,” she told reporters during the release of the new figures.

THIS World Cup is turning out to be an unorganised farce. Roads are not finished, the bus and taxi system is in chaos and our esteemed municipal “workers” are on strike more than they are actually working.

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Fifa has duped us over Cup ticket sales

As the countdown to one of the world’s greatest showpieces gathers pace, there’s still some people who’s questioning South Africa’s ability to host the 2010 Soccer World CuP

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SA not ready for World Cup – most readers


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