Is All Fair in Love and Soccer?

Henry Kissinger famously wrote that national soccer teams reflect what political scientists used to call “national character.” It’s great fodder for a barroom debate, but if Kissinger wanted to pass academic muster, he’d have to track down measurable data. It’s not so easy to correlate ball handling with political engagement or goalkeeping with patriotism, but there is one element of national character where there’s measurable data and an easy soccer analog: corruption.

continue reading this argument at FP’S, All’s Fair in Love and Soccer.

Other reasons to love the World Cup

Thursday night’s 2-0 victory by Mexico over the French inspired Dubliners to don sombreros, down tequila shots and mull whether it’s possible to construct a few Henry pinatas in time for France’s final group match Tuesday against the World Cup hosts, South Africa.

Irish don sombreros as France loses to Mexico


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