The City – Greenbelt, Md

Based on writings by Lewis Mumford , The City

was dedicated to the large themes of the future of the modern city, contrasted two prospects for transformation that were radically different and for this reason offered up to the public for consideration. The composition of the film is structured on the weft of two parallel commentaries: the negative one emphasising the congestion of the industrial city, and the completely positive one of the government plan for ‘green cities’

The City” was intended for screening at the 1939 New York World Fair. It seems that Lorentz, the author of the film’s subject, moved from being film critic to producer and authentic pioneer of a type: the documentary with a socio-political background, not then common in the USA as it was in Europe. He went on to create a successful series of films dedicated to the propaganda of the New Deal, to which “

The full documentary, well worth the look, is available in two parts at The Moving Image Archive.

Part 1
Part 2


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